Таны Үйл Ажиллагааг Хөнгөвчлөхийн Төлөө

1. Main Operations
       Electromon Trading is a leading company that has been successfully and sustainably operating for the past 20 years in the field of information technology, network security, program software, purchasing and service maintenance of special equipments, computer and point of sales system (POS), and electronic cash register (ECR).
   Since 1999, we started to supply FUJITSU from Japan, OKA and МИКРО from Russia appealing for “Newest Technology- Best Solution” and since then we have grown as distributor, and official retailer of world’s best electronic component manufacturers such as SAM4S and BIXOLON from S.Korea, GPrinter from China and Cipherlab from Taiwan. The ECR and program software that we provide are translated into Mongolian language and meet the Mongolian Standard MNS 5005:2000 and are widely used in financial institutions, wholesales, stores, restaurants, hospitals, pharmacies, temples and churches, auto sales and maintenance centers throughout the country.

2. Company Features
2.1 Scope of Operations

We are the leading company in the field of sales and maintenance of ECR, POS, and commercial software.
We provide comprehensive service that combines both sales and full maintenance of information security equipments and program software.
We also offer complementary service by providing information security and finding appropriate technological solutions. We also engage in maintenance of security and special purpose equipments.
We were able to deliver our products and services to every municipal districts and small units of the country. We currently have over 18000 customers from private sector, public sector most of which are best known leading organizations such as Civil Aviation Authority, General Election Commission, Mobicom Corporation, Unitel Group, Golomt Bank, Xac Bank, Petrovis LLC., and so on.
In 2000, we successfully participated in “International Sales Exhibition on Products and Services Provided by Small and Medium Enterprises” organized by Ministry of Agriculture and Industry and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce. Later in 2003, we were announced as the “Honored Partner to the Customers” of the year. In 2013, we were also announced as the “Best Tax Payer Organization” by the General Taxation Authority of Mongolia.

2.2 Staffing

We aim to provide the latest technological inventions to our customers in a timely manner and our personnel attend annual international technological exhibitions on time. Our engineers and technical maintenance workers have 4-15 years of relevant work experience and are trained in the United States, Germany, Russia, Taiwan and South Korea.
2.3 Products and Services
2.3.1 Program Software Management
We have manufactured different types of software programs for the use of restaurant and store internal accounting systems based on the needs and interests of our clients. We have successfully introduced our software to more than 1300 businesses in the country. In order to make the physical revenue registry system faster and advanced, we have been introducing the importance of barcodes and successfully providing our service cooperating with the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce. 2.3.2 Hardware and Software Maintenance
Since we supply our products directly from the manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed and products come with factory warranty and appropriate maintenance to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.
We continuously supply the consumables such as electronic parts, cartridges, ribbon papers made with high quality raw materials, and we strive to keep our prices stable regardless of the currency rate fluctuation in the country.
ECR and POS systems we provide are translated into Mongolian so that it will be easier for the customers to get used to the hardware.
Widely used programs that are designed for the use of store internal registry, restaurant, pharmacy, currency exchange center, religious institution, service software are supplied without any license fees, and are offered at a reasonable price.
The products and services we offer meet the Mongolian National Standards, and come with manuals and software solutions translated into Mongolian language. Our products are covered by the quality assurance in accordance with international standards, and we provide in-warranty repair services timely. Given all these facts, our customers are provided with the most favorable conditions available in the market.